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Does Business Location Matter When It Comes To Designing Marketing Strategies?

Although experts generally tend to agree with the idea that location has a great deal to do with the overall efficacy of a marketing campaign, it seems that any kind of causal relationship between location and marketing campaign efficacy would cast serious doubt on the universality of the web. With so few doubting the potency of the internet as a universal marketing tool — one that is poised to shape economic activity on a global scale for the foreseeable future — it raises quite a few questions regarding the nature of the relationship between location and marketing campaign efficacy.

Does Location Influence Marketing Campaign Efficacy?

There is no denying the value of location data, and most would surely agree that it would be worthwhile to add “the right place” to the oft-repeated marketing maxim reminding marketers about the importance of focusing on “the right person, the right message, and the right time.” Although location data is indeed valuable and certainly plays a role in developing a marketing strategy, it certainly does not mean that business location will have any kind of significant impact on the efficacy of a marketing campaign or any of its inherent strategies.

When Does Business Location Matter?

It appears quite likely that the relationship between business location and marketing efficacy is yet another example in which correlation is confused with causation, but, as is often the case, there are a few exceptions to this rule. While the efficacy of the overwhelming majority of marketing campaigns is not necessarily dependent on location, it is indeed the case that location matters when hiring on-site employees or contractors is the principal goal of the campaign.

The Value of Prioritizing Professional Expertise

In all other circumstances, it is the experience and expertise of the professionals involved in developing a campaign that serves as the most critical factor in determining a marketing campaign’s efficacy. With the undeniable universality of the web, business location matters far less than the expertise and creativity of the marketing professionals responsible for designing the campaign and its strategies. Even if the location of the campaign’s origin had any kind of significant impact on its efficacy, any highly qualified marketing professional ought to be more than capable of designing strategies that ensure consumers are unable to sense where an ad campaign might have originated.

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