3 Tips for Starting a Tech Only Business

7 Nov 2019 Kion Kashefi

Tech only businesses are some of the most popular and prosperous in the world today. These businesses have introduced many of the products and ideas that power the contemporary economy. But this strength does not mean that tech only businesses do not face serious headwinds. The leaders of tech only businesses have to be careful with their financing, training, and marketing plans. It takes years of hard work and careful preparation in order to make a tech only business succeed.

Make financial connections

Tech only businesses should try to foster financial connections as quickly as possible. Cyrus Baseghi notes that technology infrastructure and software can be incredibly expensive to build to scale. Companies need networks, vendors, and detailed plans. Every factor of success for these companies requires money. One of the best ways to rake in large sums of money is by fostering connections with angel investors and leaders at banks. These men and women will help a tech only business pay for office space and new staff. Tech only businesses should foster connections at institutions as well. These institutions can alert them to new financing opportunities and potential investors who may be interested in their company. A massive cash infusion from an investor will often mean the difference between survival and collapse for a young tech only business.

Bring in trained staff

Trained staff is essential for any tech only business. According to Cyrus Baseghi, these companies need to find staff members who can understand and handle complex products and technology. Companies cannot simply post a help wanted ad online and wait for competent talent to come to them. Instead, they need to seek out staff and train that staff for their particular products. Companies need to make sure that their staff can improve software and explain that software to customers and potential investors. In many instances, companies in tech have to pay a premium for their employees. These payments will be more than compensated if staff is able to cultivate a breakthrough that eventually leads to an IPO or major acquisition.

Focus on marketing

Marketing is essential for the future of any tech only business. There are millions of companies available and advertising on the internet at any time. As a tech only business, an entrepreneur will often have to sell online and compete with these companies. They can only go so far with free search-engine optimization techniques and cheap websites. At a certain point, they will have to work with other vendors and pay for massive advertising.

Most companies today work through large social media companies such as Facebook or Twitter for their advertisements. They can target specific groups with ads and use their money efficiently. Companies should also work with other websites that are viewed frequently by their demographic. They need to have a robust social media presence as well. This presence will help them once they have secured customers who may eventually turn out to be repeat customers.


Tech only businesses often suffer many hardships in their first few years. They struggle to differentiate themselves from the competition and fight for years to secure competent staff. But with proper planning and foresight, a competent entrepreneur can turn a dream into a million-dollar tech reality

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