Insight Based on Personal Experience: A Brief Review of BoldLeads

Often considered the bane of real estate agents far and wide, the responsibility of generating leads can be time-consuming and surprisingly costly given the typical return on the initial investment. For too long agents within the industry have simply accepted the fact that the strategies used for generating leads are inefficient and hardly worth the price paid for access. With no alternative option available for such a critical task, it is easy to understand why many agents simply grin and bear it in order to ensure they have a steady stream of clients. Fortunately, there is a better option available to real estate agents who feel the same way about generating leads as I once did.

When I first heard about BoldLeads from a fellow real estate agent from the opposite coast, I have to admit that I had some doubts regarding the veracity of his claims. He told me that just a half-year using the system had completely altered the way he was able to serve real estate buyers and sellers, not to mention the fact that he was also earning more commissions without having to commit to more hours. In fact, he claimed that, on average, he had worked several hours less per week since he began using this system.

Even though I had my doubts regarding my friend’s seemingly unbelievable success, I decided to give the system a try for myself. After all, the strategies I had been using for generating leads had not exactly resulted in a consistent pipeline of clients. For the sake of clarity, this brief review reflects my experience with the company over the past 12 weeks or so, but my experience seems to be in line with many of the other BoldLeads reviews I came across before utilizing the system myself.

BoldLeads ReviewA Company That Understands the Real Estate Industry

I was quite relieved to find that one of the co-founders of BoldLeads had extensive experience in the real estate industry and designed the system with a thorough understanding of the inefficiencies existing in lead-generation strategies. As I became more familiar with the system and used it with greater frequency, I was able to significantly reduce the effort I had to put toward generating leads and felt as though someone had been listening to every gripe I ever shared regarding the frustrations inherent in generating leads.

Improved Efficiency, Quality and Volume of Leads

Once I had been using the system long enough to have several clients come through the system from beginning to end, I began to see just how productive I could be due to the streamlined lead-generation process. My own rate of efficiency has improved to a significant degree due to the increased number of leads I am now able to access. Since BoldLeads reviews and organizes the leads according to a variety of relevant factors, I have also benefited from the enhanced quality of the leads provided to me. The system has converted more leads into clients than I could have ever imagined, and my run of recent success is certainly a reflection of the value of using BoldLeads as I have.