Derby Advisors Discusses How to Avoid Drowning Your Business in Credit Card Debt

Businesses are often attempting to keep their heads above water financially. They want to make sure they are avoiding massive amounts of debt and staying out of bankruptcy. One of the ways that many companies try to accomplish this is through credit cards. Credit cards can seem like an easy solution for companies trying to meet payroll or pay off their mortgages. But these same companies have to

Make a plan

Credit cards are often seen as a last resort for a business. They are the funding source that a company uses when they cannot pay bills or otherwise meet their obligations. Any business that wants to avoid serious debt from credit cards must not put themselves in a position where they have to turn to them. The best way to do this is to have a simple, detailed budget plan. This budget plan will include significant information such as monthly expenses and the wide range of potential externalities for a business along with their costs.

Use business loans

One helpful way for businesses to avoid considerable credit card debts is for those businesses to focus more on traditional business loans. These loans are structured for businesses and often have lower interest rates and more generous terms than credit cards. In addition, business loans are not viewed as negatively by creditors as credit card debt is. Business loans are often seen as a simple component of doing business and paying off debts. They are safe and often paid back by businesses. Companies need to realize that the appearance of their loan is beneficial to the chances that the loan will harm future efforts to obtain financing from other organizations.

Be prudent with costs

One of the easiest ways for a company to start accumulating credit card debt is to work beyond their means. Many businesses have high hopes for their eventual success. As Derby Advisors notes, they think that their product or service will perfectly fill a market niche and be sold to thousands or even millions of people. This mindset helps people make unrealistic purchasing decisions and financial plans. Instead, prudence should be the top priority when a business is looking to spend money or expand.

Prudence will help a company buy what they need rather than what they think they may want at some point. In addition, prudence will lead a company to have lower credit card debt and more cash on hand to deal with the inevitable emergencies that will rise up in a new business. By keeping expenditures low, companies can simply reduce the need for debt and reduce the possibility that they will have to rack up the levels of debt that can ruin a new business.


Businesses need to work with experienced partners in order to keep themselves out of credit card debt. They need to contact partners such as Derby Advisors in order to formulate and help implement a business plan. Many companies fail within the first five years. Without a competent plan and expert guidance, companies can make sure they are a success story instead of a statistic