Hallie Gay Walden Bagley Was Interviewed On Rookstool Interviews

Hallie Gay Walden Bagley

Hallie Gay Walden Bagley was recently featured on Rookstool Interviews where she discussed how her past jobs prepared her for her current career.

My favorite story about the Paris Review preparing me has to do with my boss, George Plimpton, Editor in Chief. George was a former Harvard English major and editor of the Harvard Lampoon and to my mind, he was a genius editor. I would try to edit short stories before giving them to him, and he would red pencil the very same short story and I would see how much of a structural editing genius he was: he would take three paragraphs from page 5 move it to page 1 then take two sentences from page 2 and pile them into the middle. He knew how to change the structure of a piece. Then I had to transfer his edits into the final magazine so I like to say that I had a double PhD in editing because not only did I try to edit first, but then I got to study the talented edits of a true master because of the transcription of his work into the literal magazine. Now when I approach a piece of writing, I like to think of writing as sculpture and try to put a scaffold up against it that will enable strong pure edits.

Hallie Gay Walden Bagley, Rookstool Interviews

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The Importance of Health and Safety in the Workplace

A business can only be as productive as the production of employees allow. Workplace safety is extremely important for every employee, and health is one of the main factors that help organizations promote wellness for all who occupy the work space.

For everyone who enters work, they should leave in the same healthy manner in which they came. Health and safety procedures are important for the wellness of employers and employees alike, and its importance cannot be understated. Here are some reasons as to why health and safety in the workplace are incredibly important.

Creates Environmental Awareness

To many employees, where they work is simply a building in which they occupy. However, this can predispose to a nonchalant attitude towards potential hazards that exist in the environment around them.

If employees are adequately trained and educated on how to remain safe in their work space, that will exponentially reduce the risk of workplace injuries and take precautionary steps if necessary.

Reduces Stress

Certain employees may have a difficult time being productive because of the stress that they may go through while working. Whether it is working long hours, conflicts with co-workers or the general stress of meeting the demands of the business, stress will create a nuisance in both business and personal lives.

In order to reduce stress, a healthy environment should be promoted. Usually this entails taking care of oneself outside of the workplace. Whether this is meditation, getting consistent sleep or exercise, there are plenty of stress coping mechanisms available that can be used. For more information on the importance of a functional work environment, you can visit Robert Butchike for further details.

Can Be Financially Costly

Many businesses underestimate the financial toll of not focusing on health and safety in the environment enough. The value of the business can be adversely affected if accidents were to happen because not enough attention was paid to a specific issue.

Improper management of safety features and inadequate education towards the employees are some of the indirect causes of accidents. If something were to happen to an expensive piece of equipment, then this can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage.

An even bigger financial catastrophe could take place if a worker were to get injured on the job and sue the organization for negligence. In that situation, not only would money be wasted on having to find adequate legal representation, but if one were to lose, the financial setbacks can be gargantuan.

These situations could be avoided with proper attention and care to health and safety.

Increased Production

At the end of the day, what’s important for a business is to have high productivity. Employees are the backbone of a business, as the future of any organization counts on them to be a top working condition.

If there is an environment of unfit people or hazards all around increases, productivity and profits will decline. This is a dangerous indirect relationship to avoid.

Organizations should be inspired by these scenarios to emphasize a safe environment. Robert Butchike has more resources on these topics that can be helpful to any organization

4 Characteristics of Good Data

One of the most important assets that a business has at its disposal is its data. It is important that the data a business uses is not only high in quality but governed properly. However, it is also important that the data being used contain certain characteristics.


Arguably the most important characteristic that data has to have is completeness. This could be considered to be the biggest factor that can affect data quality. Data completeness is a term that refers to potential gaps that data may have from what was expected.

If any pertinent information is left out in data, this could be considered less value and incomplete. In order to ensure that data is always complete, businesses should enforce policies that state data cannot be submitted unless all of the expected information is present. With paper, this can be exponentially difficult because human error can interfere greatly. Therefore, paperless data collection has become more popular, as it features mandatory fields.


Of course, another factor that can affect data quality is the accuracy of the data being used. This refers to whether or not the data being used is correct and is an accurate representation of the information required.

As opposed to completeness, data accuracy can prove to be a more difficult aspect of data to maintain. Usually, data inaccuracies are a product of poor training. In order to minimize human error that is bound to happen, extra measures may be necessary. For example, GPS location and time stamp for recorded events or picture capture are certain interventions that can be implemented. That way, inaccuracies can be spotted and corrected in a timely manner.


Next to accuracy and completeness comes the consistency of the data being used. Data consistency refers to whether or not the data being used is in alignment with expected versions of the data that comes in. On the surface, this seems similar to the completeness of the data, but there are also different aspects to be considered. Completeness encompasses whether or not there is pertinent information missing. Consistency is there to ensure similarity in the content.

Many companies today utilize mobile data collection apps, and this can help out immensely. This is because drop down menus are utilized to give the operator a predetermined assortment of options to choose from. This can ensure that data not only remains consistent but allows for complete search results and accurate event recordings.


The timeliness of the data works together with all of the other aspects of good data. This refers to when it can be expected that the data will be received. Oftentimes, businesses will not align reality with expectations. This can directly lead to data being used ineffectively and alter the thought process of making important business decisions driven by data.

A general rule of thumb to ensure consistent timeliness of the data is to use real-time data so that personnel can collect similar data that they would on paper. This can eliminate potential time lags from when the data is completed and when it is received by the branch making the big decisions

3 Tips for Starting a Tech Only Business

Tech only businesses are some of the most popular and prosperous in the world today. These businesses have introduced many of the products and ideas that power the contemporary economy. But this strength does not mean that tech only businesses do not face serious headwinds. The leaders of tech only businesses have to be careful with their financing, training, and marketing plans. It takes years of hard work and careful preparation in order to make a tech only business succeed.

Make financial connections

Tech only businesses should try to foster financial connections as quickly as possible. Cyrus Baseghi notes that technology infrastructure and software can be incredibly expensive to build to scale. Companies need networks, vendors, and detailed plans. Every factor of success for these companies requires money. One of the best ways to rake in large sums of money is by fostering connections with angel investors and leaders at banks. These men and women will help a tech only business pay for office space and new staff. Tech only businesses should foster connections at institutions as well. These institutions can alert them to new financing opportunities and potential investors who may be interested in their company. A massive cash infusion from an investor will often mean the difference between survival and collapse for a young tech only business.

Bring in trained staff

Trained staff is essential for any tech only business. According to Cyrus Baseghi, these companies need to find staff members who can understand and handle complex products and technology. Companies cannot simply post a help wanted ad online and wait for competent talent to come to them. Instead, they need to seek out staff and train that staff for their particular products. Companies need to make sure that their staff can improve software and explain that software to customers and potential investors. In many instances, companies in tech have to pay a premium for their employees. These payments will be more than compensated if staff is able to cultivate a breakthrough that eventually leads to an IPO or major acquisition.

Focus on marketing

Marketing is essential for the future of any tech only business. There are millions of companies available and advertising on the internet at any time. As a tech only business, an entrepreneur will often have to sell online and compete with these companies. They can only go so far with free search-engine optimization techniques and cheap websites. At a certain point, they will have to work with other vendors and pay for massive advertising.

Most companies today work through large social media companies such as Facebook or Twitter for their advertisements. They can target specific groups with ads and use their money efficiently. Companies should also work with other websites that are viewed frequently by their demographic. They need to have a robust social media presence as well. This presence will help them once they have secured customers who may eventually turn out to be repeat customers.


Tech only businesses often suffer many hardships in their first few years. They struggle to differentiate themselves from the competition and fight for years to secure competent staff. But with proper planning and foresight, a competent entrepreneur can turn a dream into a million-dollar tech reality