The finance industry has long been known to attract some of the brightest and most ambitious young professionals, many of whom bring impressive credentials along with a longstanding history of academic achievement and entrepreneurial success. While Mo Howard of Ultegra Financial Partners is certainly emblematic of these characteristics and more, there are few professionals in the world of finance who are able to combine the creative precocity and tireless work ethic that Mr. Howard has brought to the industry over the past decade.

Mr. Howard is known throughout the industry for his professional approach and pragmatic understanding relating to matters of finance. Those who have worked with him in business dealings have been known to laud his honest and direct manner of speaking and his clear and consistent dedication to the best interests of the client. The CEO and managing principal is also highly regarded by his partners and employees as one of the most approachable leaders in the industry, as Mr. Howard has stated on numerous occasions that there is tremendous value in the collaborative process as it relates to any endeavor or industry.

As a result, Mr. Howard has helped guide Ultegra Financial Partners to a great deal of success since the company’s initial launch. Having recruited some of the most dedicated professionals and sharpest analytical minds in the industry, Mr. Howard has assembled an impressive team that has quickly positioned Ultegra Financial Partners as one of the leaders in the industry while establishing a nationwide presence in a relatively brief period of time. Of course, developments such as these do not occur overnight, and Mr. Howard has seen his approach shaped by the rich and varied experiences made possible by his education, work history and professional relationships.

Ultegra Financial Partners

In founding Ultegra Financial Partners in 2012, Mr. Howard sought to create a company that filled a need in an ever-growing financial marketplace. Seeing that there was little in the way of merchant banking and lending solutions for companies operating as small- and middle-market entities, Mr. Howard focused on providing services that primarily focused on this underserved group. This strategy has proven wise, but the company has thrived primarily due to its reputation in dealing with clients in a professional and attentive manner that leads to an overwhelmingly positive outcome for all of the parties involved.

Focusing on providing financial services that include commercial lending, business consulting, cost-reduction services, and small business lending, Mr. Howard and Ultegra Financial Partners have been able to reach clients on a nationwide basis through the use of a highly sophisticated platform that is both client-centered and web-based. In addition to its ability to provide varied lending services, Ultegra Financial Partners has also been able to function in a number of different capacities in delivering these services, serving as a lead financial arranger, co-lender and direct lender in its business dealings.

Mr. Howard has created an organizational philosophy that ensures team members and clients alike are able to benefit from the manner in which Ultegra Financial Partners functions in the finance industry. In providing what the company refers to as “out-of-the-box” financial advisory along with lending solutions and business consulting, the company has sought to deliver “win-win” results while upholding the utmost level of integrity in all of its business dealings. Judging by Mr. Howard’s and Ultegra Financial Partners’ reputation, this stated company mission has yielded its goal and then some.

Above all, Mr. Howard has strived to make Ultegra Financial Partners a company that businesses turn to when seeking highly customized financial services that help achieve the respective financial goals of the small- and middle-market companies that are so frequently overlooked. In doing so, Mr. Howard and his team at Ultegra have consistently become the financial services firm that businesses entrust when needing to change its status from un-funded to funded. The flexible packages Ultegra Financial Partners offers makes it so that each client should feel secure in the knowledge that the financial services their company receives are completely individualized in order to deliver the best chances for long-term success.

Academic Career at West Virginia University

Mo Howard began his path to Ultegra Financial Partners in Morgantown, West Virginia. After being accepted to West Virginia University, Mr. Howard took an immediate interest in finance and began filling his class schedule with courses that would stimulate his intellectual desire for this type of information. While Mr. Howard was thoroughly engaged in his academic career, he also participated in a number of extracurricular activities, including, perhaps most notably, intercollegiate athletics. In fact, there was a time on campus when Mo Howard and West Virginia football were synonymous terms, as Mr. Howard made an immediate impression on the football field in his very first game.

In his home debut against the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Mr. Howard, a linebacker playing on special teams, broke through the UTC offensive line in an impressive display of athleticism to block a punt that was ultimately recovered on the three-yard line. The West Virginia offense was able to capitalize on the outstanding special teams play of Howard, scoring a touchdown just three plays later.

Though many of his West Virginia University classmates at the time would recognize him due to his place on the roster of the university’s most popular sport, Mr. Howard’s classmates knew him for his intellectual curiosity and his penchant for bringing up interesting and topical subjects relevant to any given lecture. Mr. Howard excelled in his finance courses and elected to stay at WVU upon completion of his undergraduate work in order to pursue his master’s degree.

As he had consistently demonstrated over the course of his academic career in his undergraduate work at West Virginia University, Mr. Howard continued to exhibit incredible diligence in the projects, assignments and presentations that made up part of the master’s program. His performance was such that he was able to graduate with cum laude honors upon completion of his Master of Business Administration, with Mr. Howard’s studies focusing primarily on finance and financial management services.

Postgraduate Certifications

While still working on his MBA, Mr. Howard also began seeking out professional certifications that he felt would ultimately benefit him in his burgeoning career in finance. The certifications are quite diverse, reflecting the varied interests possessed by Mr. Howard and his desire to be well-versed in nearly every aspect of business operations and more. He is certified in SBA lending, commercial lending, commercial real estate lending (along with commercial real estate analysis and appraisal), advanced cash flow, and advanced credit analysis. In addition to these, Mr. Howard is also Omega Certified and holds several certifications relating to computer-aided design, including AutoCAD and CADKEY. These certifications have proven valuable in Mr. Howard’s professional career in finance and have certainly aided in the success that Ultegra Financial Partners has so far experienced.

Professional Career Before Ultegra Financial Partners

While his successful academic career and his vast certifications and endorsements certainly seem to indicate that Mr. Howard could have enjoyed immediate entrepreneurial success had he ventured out on his own upon completing his MBA, it was clear to Mr. Howard that there was a great deal to be gained from professional experience in the industry. It is through this experience that Mr. Howard was able to gain an understanding of how other organizations function and how different organizational systems, policies and philosophies could be improved upon.

Mr. Howard began his career in finance with BB&T, starting out as a commercial lending associate. Ambitious as ever, Mr. Howard earned selection to the BB&T Leadership Development Program, where he — perhaps unsurprisingly — graduated at the top of the program. Upon completing this developmental program, Mr. Howard served in a variety of capacities for BB&T that included commercial underwriter, credit analyst and commercial lender, while also managing a portfolio that ultimately grew to a worth of $87 million.

Following his three years of experience with BB&T, Mr. Howard’s growing reputation in the finance industry led to an offer from US Capital Partners to serve as vice president. While with US Capital Partners, Mr. Howard was able to expand his knowledge of the inner workings of the finance industry while overseeing the business development of the company and specializing in both loan structuring and underwriting.

Though he enjoyed significant success with each of these companies, the pull of beginning a company of his own in Ultegra Financial Partners proved too great to ignore. The company was founded in 2012, and Mr. Howard has served in his role as CEO and managing partner ever since. The company continues to grow and is poised to enjoy the kind long-term stability and success common to companies founded on solid principles and run by a team of motivated and intelligent professionals.


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